You may be drinking beer wrong -- and that’s why it's making you feel *SO* full

Beer bloat is real -- so how do we avoid it?!

Well, according to Anne Becerra, beer director at Treadwell Park in NYC, you should try to avoid these three common mistakes:

1. Drinking It Straight Out of the Can or Bottle
2. Drinking It Really, Really Cold
3. Drinking A LOT of It (Remember to always drink responsibly!)

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"I think [feeling full] has to do with the way we’re conditioned to drink beer," Anne explains, "which is directly out of a can or a bottle, very, very cold and in excess."

"Carbonation is in the liquid," she continues, "so it's in the bottle and cold temperatures keep it locked in even more."

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In other words, if you don’t pour beer into a glass before drinking it, it’s more likely to expand IN your stomach.

Nooo! 🙈

Well, the good news is, now you know!

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