Meet the closet of the future: FINERY


Last year, we reported on the closet of the future -- a virtual experience that can basically do all of your styling and wardrobe operating for you, right from your own computer.

FINERY, the style destination that counts actress Brooklyn Decker as its Chief Design Officer and Whitney Casey as its founder and CEO, is changing the way women shop.

"In their lifetime, women will spend more than eight years shopping and another two years deciding what to wear, yet only wear 20 percent of their wardrobes," Casey and Decker explained at the launch of FINERY a little more than a year ago.

Casey and Decker aimed to solve this problem by using technology to sift through old receipts as well as emails and build a wardrobe that's accessible straight from a user's keyboard. But now, they're stretching their initial idea into something greater.

With another 13 months down of redesigns, surveys, BETA testing and more, the startup has relaunched to include AI to assist with styling, the ability to shop influencers' looks and discover how their looks are paired. Users can even manually upload photos of their own items, shop look-alikes to score a deal, and get outfit-of-the-day inspiration based on the weather and on the items already stored in their closets.

One other function we've seen shine through since the app's relaunch? FINERY's focus on personalization, on you as a user.

The app gets an idea of your style and shopping habits by asking a few initial questions as you sign up and build your virtual wardrobe. An initial "Tinder-like" questionnaire, filled with different styles of clothes and bloggers, encourages you to swipe left or right, consequently allowing the app to predict what the you will choose. The setup also asks you your age, your favorite brands and the type of clothes you frequently find yourself on the search for. With that knowledge, and the virtual closet you create, FINERY becomes smarter and smarter every time you use it. It works to your benefit, as well as the hundreds of thousands of other (stylish) FINERY users.

Explained Casey, "We need all of the edge that we can get, so whatever I can make or give to make women's lives better was such a driving force in that."

You can get styling with FINERY here.