This is how many times a week you should *actually* be washing your hair

To wash or not to wash? How often you should be washing your hair has been one of the most debated haircare questions.

While some prefer to wash their hair every day, especially following daily cardio classes, it may be doing more damage to your strands than you think. When you wash your hair every day, you're actually stripping your tresses of its much-needed natural oils, leading to dry and brittle locks.

So ... how often should you be washing your hair? We sought out the expertise of celebrity hairstylist Arsen Gurgov, whose celeb clientele include Emmy Rossum and Hoda Kotb, to answer this question for us once and for all. 

For those with colored or chemically treated hair, Gurgov advises you only wash your hair "once or twice a week." 

"Wet hair is at its most fragile state as the water swells the cuticle so washing your hair less is also less wear and tear on your gentle strands" Gurgov revealed.

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We never thought T. Swift would part with her signature mermaid waves, but after several years in the spotlight, she finally went for the chop in a big way. Taylor's versatile cut is sophisticated and versatile, and it lends itself particularly well to this type of classic styling.

We have serious bob envy in the case of Emma's sleek, shiny cut. Long layers and face-framing curls are flattering and unexpected on this abbreviated length.

Emma has succeeded in growing out her gamine post-"Potter" pixie in style. A smooth center part, large barrel waves, and a touch of height at the crown alludes to slightly retro glamour that still seems contemporary.

Katy's blunt bob, complete with eyebrow-grazing bangs, is as classic as they come.

Kristen shocked fans when she lopped off her long locks in favor of a sleek to-the-chin bob earlier this year.

Alexa Chung has truly perfected the long bob. With ombre highlights and a length that goes just beyond her shoulders, this style will look good on anyone—even as it grows out.

The Mad Men actress never wears her long bob the same way twice. To get these waves, use a curling iron to curl hair away from the face.

Kate's long bob looks great pin-straight because it's all one length. 

Dress up your lob like Katharine's with thick, loose waves and a deep side part. 

Kerry wears her lob straight and curly, but we especially love the messy texture on this shoulder-skimming look. To replicate the style, curl pieces of hair at random with a curling iron, and then use a flat iron to go over the ends.

Lily has similar texture to Kerry's style, but without the bangs. For a boost in volume, copy her deep side part.

Marion Cotillard wore a more angular lob to the Golden Globes awards earlier this year, pairing the look with side-swept bangs. To keep hair smooth all night, try rubbing a dime-size amount of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution ($9.99, into hands and then distributing through hair, starting at the ends.

Nicole Kidman looks seriously elegant in this classic haircut, that extends just past her shoulders. We hope this means she's said goodbye to long extensions for good!

Nicole recently went back to a lob and blunt bangs, which accentuate her eyes. We love this length, which hovers just above her shoulders.

Rose caught a lot of attention after cutting a short bob and blunt bangs, and her hair keeps getting better as she grows it out.


And if washing your hair only once or twice a week seems nearly impossible, you fortunately get a pass in the summer months.

"Hair tends to get greasy, dull and flat from sweat and product build up so you may need to wash it more frequently."

His biggest piece of advice? Invest in a good dry shampoo "to soak up excess grease, dirt and refresh the hair" so you can go longer in between washes.

Gurgov also suggested avoiding "silicone-based styling products which contain waxes that build up with repeated use and coat the hair making it flat, dull and lifeless. Instead, look for ones with argan oil in them which don’t cause product build-up and offer weightless shine" (this MorrocanOil treatment is our favorite).

Lastly, using leave-in conditioner once a week to "restore moisture and nourish dehydrated hair" is also key.   

"Look for one that is formulated for dry, damaged, weak and frizzy hair types as these generally contain more nourishing ingredients to lock in moisture and shine," Gurgov said.

For more on summer hair, watch the slideshow above. 


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