If your hair tools are over this temp, you’re causing trouble

Heat tools are no joke. If you’ve ever burned yourself with one, you know what we’re talking about. Most of them have settings that take the temperature over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you know the pain of a burned finger, just think about what it’s doing to your delicate strands every time you fire up the flatiron—yowsa.

But just because your tools may have super-high heat settings, doesn’t mean you have to use them. The ideal temperature for styling your hair is actually just 365 degrees Fahrenheit,and we have scientific proof from GHD’s chief technology officer, Dr. Tim Moore.

He came into our studio to demonstrate this with a cringe-worthy experiment. He clamped a ghd Gold Styler set at 410 degrees Fahrenheit on a lock of virgin white-blonde hair for 15 seconds, which completely burnt it, leaving an orangey mark and even worse smell. He then showed us how a GHD iron set at 365 degrees Fahrenheit left the same lock smooth, shiny and visibly undamaged.

So why is 365 the perfect temp? Well, apparently it’s because it’s the sweet spot where the heat can break down the fat lipids in your hair just enough to mold it into shape, without burning it and causing frizz.

Hey, the more you know.

Don't let your makeup melt away!