Autopsy confirms Kate Spade’s death was suicide by hanging

An autopsy confirmed the news that fashion icon Kate Spade committed suicide by hanging inside her Park Ave. apartment, the city Medical Examiner announced Thursday.

The official ruling came two days after the lifeless body of Spade, 55, was discovered in her bedroom with a scarf wrapped around her neck. Sources told the Daily News that Spade’s troubled marriage exacted a heavy emotional toll on her in the weeks before her tragic death.

She and husband Andy Spade, after 24 years of marriage, were living apart for the last 10 months before the suicide.

Spade, whose signature handbags catapulted her to the upper echelon of the fashion industry, had also struggled with depression in recent years. She left behind a note to her daughter Frances, instructing the 13-year-old to ask her father for answers about the suicide.