Something Navy's Arielle Charnas reveals her top 5 must-haves for her diaper bag


When it comes to developing her own brand, it seems like Arielle Charnas has it all down pat.

The founding force behind Something Navy has built her brand from the bottom up, navigating the ins-and-outs of social media to connect with millions of users and give them a taste of the Something Navy lifestyle.

In doing so, Charnas has snowballed her Instagram following to include over one million followers since the brand's inception in 2009 and collaborated with Treasure & Bond on a line that drove a reported $1 million in sales in a mere 24 hours. Following that success, Charnas is now launching her own exclusive line with Nordstrom to reflect her "absolute love of fashion," available for purchase come fall.

Did we mention that she's done all of this while being pregnant -- like very, very pregnant -- with her second child? Working mom goals, for sure.

We chatted with the 30-year-old on all things motherhood and how her daughter Ruby, 2, is getting ready for the arrival of her baby sister this month.

AOL: How has this pregnancy differed from your first?

ARIELLE CHARNAS: The only major difference was the first trimester—this time around I had no energy and was so tired during the day. Emotionally, I felt really off and not like myself but thankfully all of that was for a short-lived [time] and was only for a few weeks. I was also showing a lot sooner than my first pregnancy and got much bigger earlier on which I hear is what typically happens.

Any weird cravings or aversions?

I never had weird cravings or aversions with Ruby, but with this second pregnancy I had a strong aversion to smells in the beginning.

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Does Ruby understand she's going to be a big sister? How have you tried to explain it to her?

She does know that “baby sister” is in my belly and she gets excited about it knowing what’s to come. She has her own baby doll that she feeds and puts to bed. I have no doubt that she’ll be a great big sister and be able to help out!

What are 5 must-haves for your diaper bag?

An outfit to take her home in, diapers, hand sanitizer, wipes, and TYLENOL®.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten about how to balance life as a working mom?

I’ve learned myself that there really is no right way of finding that balance. I take each day and learn what is the best for us, otherwise it’s too much pressure and I feel like you end up being disappointed.