Shower bombs are the new bath bombs

Bath bombs: We know them, we love them, we see them all over Instagram. And who could blame us? In addition to being super-relaxing, they’re just damn pretty to look at. (Have you seen geode bath bombs? Swoon.)

But what if you live in a tiny apartment that doesn’t have a bathtub? Or what if you’re one of those people whose idea of hell is a long soak?

Enter: Shower bombs. You place these little tablets, sometimes called shower fizzies or shower steamers, on the floor of your shower, and as the water hits them, they release fragrant and relaxing essential oils.

So where can you get them? A bunch of places, actually. Bath & Body Works has a five-piece collection of shower steamers for everything from stress relief and sleep to energy. Hallu makes a unicorn shower bomb (you know, because it’s 2018), and Ulta has its own aromatherapy shower tablets.

Consider these guys self-care, standing up.

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