Brad Goreski reveals why he loved Kate Middleton's wedding dress


After interning at Vogue and getting his foot in the fashion door as Rachel Zoe's assistant, Brad Goreski has made a name for himself styling a long roster of A-list clients such as Jenna Dewan, Leah Michelle and Sarah Hyland. From his famous commentary on E!'s Fashion Police to his chic Instagram account with nearly 500K followers, Goreski is undoubtedly an expert when it comes to all things style.

In celebration of Lord & Taylor's new store opening on, we spoke to Goreski about what to wear for a summer wedding, why he loved Kate Middleton's wedding dress and who his ultimate style crush is.

AOL: Aside from wearing white, what’s the biggest mistake guests can make when dressing for a summer wedding?

Brad Goreski: I think the biggest mistake guest can make for a summer wedding is wearing black. Another big no-no is that people don’t have their clothes properly tailored. A lot of men just buy off the rack and I think spending that little extra bit of money to have a tailor alter the hem of your dress or take it in is money well spent. It really helps to give an extra polish to your overall look.

Attending wedding after wedding can become expensive to keep buying new dresses you only wear once (especially after yo Instagram it.) What is the one color and silhouette that is worth investing in when it comes to summer weddings?

I think a really nice cocktail dress is great in a bold color. Maybe with a little bit of structure or shape to the skirt. I think that's always the best way to go. If we are talking about Instagramming and photographs, as a red carpet stylist, colors and bold colors photograph really well -- so something in a solid [color] is the best way to go, if you want to get a little more useful wear out of your dress. The one thing people will remember is the color but necessarily if it’s the same dress.

Lord & Taylor is able to offer affordable prices (especially with their flagship store on Walmart) but they also carry high-end designers, what is your favorite way to mix high-end pieces with more affordable brands?

The Lord &Taylor flagship that is launching right now on has over 125 really great brands. The really cool thing about it is it's a full new website that is really beautiful. It carries everything from women to men and kids. You can get your accessories, your jewelry, your handbags and shoes on there. And the range of designers and prices are incredible.

Sometimes wearing a long dress to a wedding gets boring, I love mixing it up and opting for a jumpsuit. What are other ways to prevent yourself from looking like every other guest in the room?

I think the best way is to not get locked into just wearing a long dress. Just like you said, you can wear a jumpsuit, you can wear a smoking menswear-inspired tuxedo, you can wear a great wide leg pant with maybe some sort of embellished top. I think that there is a lot of variety out there. You can even do a maxi-skirt or a circle-skirt with a nice blouse -- there a lot of different ways to incorporate wedding dressing. And also, when you are doing that, you are buying and incorporating things into your wardrobe that can be worn again.

Whether it be a cool headpiece or a shorter dress, what’s your favorite ‘trend’ for the modern bride?

We were just talking about Kate Middleton's dress and one of the great things about that gown that people responded to right away was the tailoring and the fit of that dress. She has that accentuated waist and then the hip pads that designer, Sarah Burton, added onto it to trick the eye into thinking it appeared smaller then it was (even though it was a really small waist.)

I think it's really about focusing on the silhouette as well, again you don't necessarily have to wear a big princess gown. That’s an avenue and a road that a lot of people like to go down to fulfill that wedding fantasy, but I also think we are seeing a lot of brides do very simple slip dresses or a Carolyn Bessette esqué very simple column gown. A lot of bridal designers have been showing a slip-on mule or flats with a wedding dress. Brides have been having custom made sneakers to wear with a jumpsuit for the reception. It's whatever you feel like you will be the most comfortable in for the day.

I always love watching your commentary on E!’s Fashion Police. Which celeb’s style would you say no one can ever agree on?

I am a huge fan of Rooney Mara style and everyone loves to go at me about my love for her. I love her so much and always will!

From evening jumpsuits to bold cocktail dresses, shop the chicest finds from L&T via Walmart below to get you ready for your next summer wedding!