Zac Posen's new uniforms for Delta are here -- and it passes with flying colors


On Wednesday, Zac Posen officially unveiled his new uniforms for Delta Airlines. The designer's line was rolled out to nearly 64,000 employees, including both flight attendants and ground crews.

"When Delta approached me with this opportunity I could not say no — it was such an incredible challenge to dress 64,000 employees for an iconic American airline," Posen said to The Hollywood Reporter.

He sought to focus on practicality for the collection, including a major palate shift from Delta's 30-year red and blue combo to what is now deemed as "flattering" Passport Plum.

Photo: Delta

Along with the new purple palate, Posen unveiled four more colors, appropriately named Cruising Cardinal, Groundspeed Graphite, Traveling Thistle and Skyline Slate. The new hues complement his three different collections: Fly Me to the Moon, Shaping the Sky and Glamour Take Off.

Said Posen, "I wanted to bring glamour back to the runway and to 30,000 feet." The uniforms, created in collaboration with Land's End, also feature nods to the industry, including a wing-like collar.

"As challenging as it is, there is a romance in terms of travel," explained Posen to WWD. "Sometimes we take it for granted that we are able to go anywhere in the world.”

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