Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio reveals her sexy summer favorites


It's no secret that Victoria's Secret Angels have the sexiest style -- especially for summer. From pool parties to date nights, the Angels always seem to pull off the perfect outfit for any occasion.

We sat down with VS Angel Sara Sampaio and talked about her summer favorites, vacation plans, and the perfect bra.

AOL Lifestyle: These bras are super soft and not to mention cute! What's your favorite piece from the stretch cotton and logo collections?

Sara Sampaio: "I definitely love the T-shirt bras and how they have the new logos. It's cute to show [it off] underneath a little strap dress, they are very comfortable and feel like you are not wearing anything!"

AOL: Do you have any tips on how to incorporate the pieces when you're going out?

SS: "I love dark colors, so I like to wear a black bra with a sheer shirt or some type of opening where there is a peek-a-boo of your bra and just like, black jeans and heels!"

AOL: What are some of your favorite summer beauty trends?

SS: "I always love doing braids for summer, I have so much hair and I like to have it off my neck. In terms of makeup, I like to keep it very simple -- maybe I'll do a bright color on my lips if I feel like I want to do something different."

AOL: What about clothes? It gets so hot!

SS: "For style, I love jean shorts. Crop tops, even bralettes, anything that you can show off a little bit of skin I love it for summer. If I'm doing high-waisted jean shorts, I like showing off a little skin and maybe add a cute hat and boots. When you're dressing a little bit more sexy, you want to get in some boyish little thing, like boots or sneakers to balance it out."

AOL: We love pairing boots with jean shorts too! What are you looking forward to most this summer? Any vacation plans?

SS: "We are very last-minute vacation people, but we like to go somewhere warm, maybe an island -- Hawaii. One place that I haven't been yet that I've been dying to go to is Maldives. So we'll see [laughs]!"

AOL: That is a BEAUTIFUL place -- are you a light or heavy packer when you go on trips?

SS: "Well, especially during the winter I'm a very light packer because it's always go, go, go and you don't know where you have to go, and I feel like I have to pack a little bit of everything. But if I'm going on vacation and I know I'm not going anywhere ... I am a lot better ... but I .. yeah, I pack too much [laughs], you have to have options!"

AOL: Haha, we totally understand! What are your three absolutely must-haves though?

SS: Victoria's Secret lingerie, you know I always love jean shorts! T-shirts and summer dresses -- especially light dresses -- easy packing!

You can buy the Victoria's Secret logo and cotton collection here.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.