Toddlers with Down syndrome are the cutest best friends


Clara and Cutler are giving us something to smile about.

The adorable toddlers, both of whom have Down syndrome, have formed an incredible bond since their moms were introduced last year.

Explained Cutler's mom Amy, "Everybody is blown away by their friendship. Everybody is smitten with them."

Clara and Cutler were born only a month a part. A mutual friend suggested the two moms reconnect when Lana discovered Clara would be born with the condition.

"I sent her a sensitive message asking if Cutler had an extra chromosome like Clara and Amy wrote back within an hour," explained Lana. A bond between the two babies was immediately evident after their first meeting at a local Starbucks.

Lana explained, "We laid the babies out on a blanket and they started touching each other - you could see that there was a connection between them." The toddlers regularly meet up for their therapy sessions, which will help them to develop their speech and motor skills.

Clara, who was born with Hirschsprung disease among other health complications, is the more outgoing of the two -- she's been a "great influence" on reserved Cutler. "They make my heart happy," explained Amy, who alongside Lana started the blog Clara and Cutler to document their incredible friendship.

They hope other parents and families affected by Down syndrome can find support in Clara and Cutler. You can follow their adventures here.

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