9 purple shampoos to keep your blonde hair brass-free


Let's face it, the spring and summer months have most women itching for lighter locks. Once you leave the salon, however, your lighter hair can turn brassy real quick -- and who wants that?

Purple shampoo has long been used as a way to keep lighter locks brass-free in between salon visits, but not every product is guaranteed to work.

How does purple shampoo work exactly? The purple in the shampoo works by neutralizing the yellow hues in your lighter hair. When you wash your hair with purple shampoo, it absorbs the pigment, cancels out the red and yellow undertones and brings out the blue undertones.

Most colorists advise their clients to use purple shampoo once a week, but its strictly up to you!

Below, we've rounded up our top purple shampoo picks -- from Oribe's 'Bright Blonde' shampoo and conditioner (a favorite of our editors) to Kevin Murphy's oh-so-popular 'Angel Rinse.'