Meghan Markle's hair at her wedding had the internet freaking out


Meghan Markle will go down as one of the most stunning brides in history. From her custom Givenchy gown to her dramatic veil, it's safe to say that she did no wrong.

And while we could spend days raving about her gown, The Duchess of Sussex's bridal beauty look also caught our attention. Meghan kept it simple with her hair and makeup for her big day, allowing her natural beauty to shine through.

In typical Meghan fashion, the bride broke royal wedding tradition with her hairstyle by opting for an effortless updo instead of the semi-curled blowout out we've seen from Duchess Kate and a slew of other royal brides before her.

Hollywood stylist Serge Normant was bestowed with the honor of styling Meghan's hair for the big day. She kept it simple with a low bun that was positioned slightly to her right side with the short layers that usually frame her face tucked behind her ears.

However, as the ceremony went on, the internet couldn't help but notice the stray face-framing hairs that covered her forehead and began poking out from behind her ears. Needless to say, the internet began freaking out over the distraction:

"Meghan Markle’s hair is coming undone and I want to jump into the tv screen and fix it. I can’t focus on anything else," wrote one Twitter user.

Another person posted: "Meghan Markle looks stunning in @givenchy but that one piece of unruly hair that's separated from the rest is going to haunt me for life."

One Twitter user even advised Meghan to use bobby pins: "Meghan Markle we understand you are revolutionizing the messy bun here but your wedding day is not the time to allow a loose piece of hair #bobbypins."

If you recall, Meghan has been garnering attention with her hair even before her wedding. The now-Duchess of Sussex has repeatedly stepped out with her hair styled in a messy bun, a total departure from the blown-out hairstyles we're used to seeing from the royals. For more on the wedding, watch the video above!