5 products I swear by for clear skin

When it comes to my everyday beauty routine, there is nothing more important to me than my skincare products. While I love makeup, everything looks better on clear, glowing skin. I definitely have had my own struggles with acne, but thankfully I feel like I have finally found a fool-proof skincare routine that works wonders for me. Thanks to the five products below, breakouts are (practically) a thing of the past. Check out my routine for clear skin below!

I use one of these super gentle face wipes before and after every workout. I love them because they take off any makeup or dirt on my face and they don't sting my eyes at all. I seriously bring a pack of these wipes with me everywhere.  
Every morning and night, I wash my face with this creamy cleanser. It really gets my face clean without feeling like it's completely stripped my skin. It also feels pretty hydrating, which I appreciate. 
While this is probably the most expensive skincare item in my medicine cabinet, it is worth every single penny. I put this incredibly hydrating (but not greasy) facial oil over my moisturizer every night. And if my skin is feeling particularly dry, I even add a few drops of it to my favorite moisturizer in the morning. 
If I feel a zit coming on, I'll use a dab of this spot treatment during the day since it's clear and doesn't affect my makeup. 
This is definitely my Holy Grail of acne products. I swear, you apply a dot of this drying lotion on a pimple at night and it's gone (or significantly smaller) by the time you wake up. Everyone should own this product -- plus it's under $20!

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