We gave this out-of-control Queens backyard an unbelievable clean-up + makeover

When organizing pro Peter Walsh stepped into the backyard of our viewer Lynette from Queens, he was speechless.

"I'm in desperate need of help in my backyard," Lynette admits.

Because she doesn't have a garage or shed, she explains, everything she doesn't want in her house -- like old furniture and items she had planned to use but never did -- just ends up living in the yard, often hidden under tarp.

"I think it all started about 8 years ago when I retired," Lynette explains to Peter. "My mom was very sick, so I spent a lot of time over there. I wasn't even home at all."

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So, Peter stepped in to help her prioritize her own needs for the first time in a while -- and these are the first two steps he persuaded her to take:

1. Get rid of any of the things you no longer need, use or want

2. Collect like things together to help your backyard serve its purpose

In the matter of an hour or so, Peter helped Lynette part with a *lot* of belongings.

"With [Peter,]" Lynette says, "I got rid of a lot of stuff that I didn't think I would."

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And Peter worked even more magic after he sent Lynette on her merry way for a few hours.

"If you want your yard to work incredibly well for you," the organizing expert suggests, "create specific zones."

"Use furniture to create a focal point for dining or a focal point for relaxation," he continues.

See what he means?

And that's exactly what he did to transform Lynette's outdoor space.

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Watch the video above to see her come face-to-face with her brand-new backyard!