'Jane the Virgin' star Justin Baldoni reveals major parenting move he made


There's more to Justin Baldoni than the hunky character Rafael he plays on CW's "Jane the Virgin." The actor is, first and foremost, a family man.

So when son Maxwell was born in 2017, Justin and wife Emily were committed to doing everything they could to make sure that their baby had "the best shot of having a happy and healthy life."

One of the most important things the couple did? Introduce Maxwell to peanuts at an early age with the hopes that it drastically reduces his chances of developing a peanut allergy.

For Justin, this common health issue affecting millions of Americans hits especially close to home.

"In my family, there’s a history of food allergies. My sister has had a ton of allergies. My dad. My sister-in-law also has a severe nut allergy," the actor told AOL Lifestyle.

He continued: "If Emily and I can eliminate one tiny obstacle [in Maxwell's life] just by introducing peanuts early on in his life, then we’re going to do it."

A groundbreaking study found that parents could reduce their baby’s chance of developing a peanut allergy by up to 86 percent by feeding them peanut foods early on. But of course, Justin and Emily consulted their pediatrician before introducing their 5-month-old son to peanuts.

While Maxwell is still being breastfed, one of the first 'real' foods he tried was a concoction made out of peanut powder and breast milk, which Justin says his son "absolutely loves."

And given his experiences, it was only natural that Justin partner with the National Peanut Board to spread awareness about this common, and often times deadly, allergy affecting millions. The actor has starred in a series of videos, with cameras going into his home, in which he explains how allergies have affected him growing up and as a father.

"If we can save even one kid from getting a severe nut allergy, then it’s totally worth it!" Justin said of his partnership.

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