Busy Philipps on motherhood, having it all and her new late night gig


With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, we recently caught up with one of the busiest moms we know -- Busy Philipps. Not only is Busy a mom to two little girls, she also has a successful acting career, having most recently starred in Amy Schumer's "I Feel Pretty," and is a soon-to-be late night television host. We chatted with the star about what her favorite affordable luxuries, why having it all isn't realistic and what's to come on her talk show on E!, "Busy Tonight."

AOL: Chocolate always seems to be the no-brainer Mother's Day gift. You recently partnered up with Godiva Masterpieces, why did it feel like a good fit for you?

BUSY: I am a real chocolate lover. I am just one of those people who need it every day. So when Godiva reached out to ask if I wanted to help them launch Masterpieces I was like, “Are you out of your mind? Yes, can I get all of the chocolate?” But I loved it too, because I love Godiva and now it's available at Target or the grocery story in the chocolate aisle. I am obsessed with the Dark Chocolate Ganache Hearts.

Besides Masterpieces, what are some of your other go-to affordable luxuries?

I am basically obsessed with sheet masks, oh and epsom salts! Okay this is my perfect night: my kids are asleep, I have an epsom salt bath -- I love Dr. Teal's epsom salts with lavender -- I put on a sheet mask and have dark chocolate Godiva Masterpieces. That's like my perfect night. I'm going to be doing THAT on Mother's Day.

That sounds like a dream evening. What are some of your favorite gifts that you've received from your daughters (Birdie and Cricket) on Mother's Day?

Birdie made me a really cute collage, just like pictures and stuff. Cricket made me a little flower vase at school that was like a decoupage little jar that she designed and made -- it was really sweet. From my girls, I want homemade stuff and then I want either [my husband] Mark or myself to get myself something really nice.

What is your favorite part about being a mom and what have you found to be the most challenging part of motherhood?

I mean, it's incomparable. [Motherhood] breaks you open in a way you never thought possible, and opens your heart and teaches you a love you never knew, but also the challenges are innumerous. You know, so much of motherhood is doing motherhood. And it's not just having children, it's all of the work you have to do to have the children, and the mundane everyday tasks can wear a person down. I think that people don't understand until they have children, especially women and especially mothers -- and not taking anything away from fathers - but there's a part of your brain that is never allowed to shut down when you're a mother. Because from the time the children are born, you’re always preoccupied with keeping them alive and happy and well fed.

If you’re attempting to be a parent that is parenting AND working, it can be really stressful. And there are days where it feels like you're failing your kids and you're failing your job, or your killing it at your job and you’re failing your children, or you’re showing up for your kids but you miss your meetings. It's like a never ending cycle of trying to balance it.

I think the idea of having it all is such bullsh*t. Like you can have all of it a little bit at a time, but you can’t just have all of it all of the time. I have a ton of help -- I've hired help. No one is an island and if they are, I'd like to meet them.

It was recently announced that you’re getting your own late night show on E!, "Busy Tonight." What can you tell us about it?

I'm really thrilled and so excited and from the response in the last week, it's been so overwhelming in a positive way. It has really boosted my confidence in just jumping into something that is more or less unfamiliar territory for me. We're really hopeful we will be able to build a show that people will enjoy and want to watch, and I'm very excited to have all of my friends come on and talk to me about their projects and their lives.

I am so excited to tune in and to be able to watch another woman join the small group of mostly male late night hosts!

You know, in the last several years, people have approached me about hosting cooking shows or daytime shows or what have you, and I just felt like I have a very strong voice and a perspective, and people have really responded to that via my Instagram stories and my personality that comes through on social media. And I just felt like the best application for that would be in a night time space. Representation matters and I do believe that there is way more room for more women and humans of color to have voices and to be in this world, and so I'm very excited to be one of them.

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