The royal family is looking for a new chef

We may not have gotten an invite to the upcoming royal wedding but an even better opportunity to mingle among sovereigns just popped up.

According to Food& Wine, the Royal Household recently posted a job listing for a new Demi Chef de Partie. The duties include being able to man multiple stations in the kitchen including baking, butchery, sauces and seafood. The position is based out of Buckingham Palace, with occasional travel duties to other locations as necessary.

If you're interested (and experienced enough), expect a pay cut. The Independent writes that the role's salary is £2,000 ($2,716.04) less than the average pay of similar chef jobs in London. The pros definitely outweigh the cons though, as the listing states that curious up-and-coming chefs will get the chance to work with state of the art kitchens and high quality ingredients. Who knows, maybe you'll be shaking up Queen E's daily gin cocktails.