Donald Trump Jr. is being dad-shamed because his 3-year-old daughter isn't wearing a top

Mom shaming has been a thing on the Internet — and in real life — since parenting began, but dad shaming is catching up fast. It’s often for the same reasons, and even first son Donald Trump Jr. isn’t immune.

On Tuesday, the father of five shared a cute video of his two youngest children, 5-year-old Spencer and 3-year-old Chloe, horsing around with their dad and shooting Nerf guns at one another. Pretty wholesome, right?

Don Jr., who seems to be an involved parent, captioned the video with an explanation of what the kids were doing. “Morning nerf gun battle time. Spencer and Chloe really abusing me me this AM … but now it may be time to fight back with tickle time.”

When watching the video, the first thing you see is Spencer laughing and shooting his dad with his Nerf pellets. The camera pans to little Chloe, who is holding her toy gun and wearing pink shorts — but no top. And that’s what people seem to have an issue with.

Several commenters called out Don Jr. for not teaching his daughter modesty and putting her on Instagram without a shirt.

“Very cute, but daddy put a shirt on your little girl,” instructed one commenter. “Teach her modesty. Not too young to start.”

Chloe needs a shirt on and get rid of the moronic toy,” wrote another.

One scolded, “Put a shirt on Chloe!!!”

“All that money … dress your children,” wrote another.

Many more weighed in with support for Don Jr.’s parenting style. They pointed out that Chloe is just a little girl and that many parents let their small children play without their shirts.

One wrote, “omg. She’s little. I’m sure millions of kids her age plays shirtless all the time. Why do people have to make it a big deal?”

Another pointed out the problem was with the people shaming the child, writing, “only weirdos think like that. They’re innocent children playing. And you see absolutely nothing except skin. Grow up.”

Fellow parents explained how hard it is to get your kids to actually put on clothes most of the time.

“If you follow anyone european on IG you’ll be shocked then,” pointed out another person, “there are good european mothers & fathers everywhere posting pics of their daughters on IG shirtless and playing. They dont seem to have a prob with it.”

“They are dressed,” a parent wrote. “Anyone who has or had a daughter at that age that’s the deal with them. Mine did it and they turned out perfect.”

“So I’m here to read the comments on those bashing you for your Chloe not wearing a shirt, Rock on Chloe !!! My child is 5 and hates wearing shirts,” wrote another parent.

Others just found the moment sweet.

“Man enjoy them while u can, make every moment count, one day they will be 16 and it won’t be cool to hang with Dad,” wrote one man.

Donald Jr., who has split with his wife, Vanessa, shares a lot of photos enjoying quality time with their five children, Kai, 10; Donald lll, 9; Tristan, 6; Spencer; and Chloe.

Since his split from Vanessa, Donald Jr. seems to have been hit with one negative story after another, from model Melissa Stetten posting a flirty tweet Don Jr. sent to her in 2011 to another about allegations he treated Vanessa like a second-class citizen. In light of what seems to be an ugly breakup, including persistent rumors of an alleged affair with singer Aubrey O’Day, and his soon-to-be ex-wife reportedly “going gangster” on her, Donald Jr. seems to be trying to turn things around by taking to the gym, getting a makeover, and spending quality time with his kids.

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