10 most popular foodie cities revealed by TripAdvisor


For us, travel and food go hand-in-hand. How can you appropriately take in a culture without all the food, drink and dining experiences a city has to offer? It's the food that makes the trip just that much better.

And we're not talking about 5-star, dining al-fresco, expensive meals -- although that sounds fun too! We're talking about street food, local cafes and hidden pubs.

TripAdvisor knows just how integral food is for a memorable trip. That's why they've rounded up the 10 most popular foodie cities, along with the best food experience the city has to offer. Looking at its booking algorithm and traveler ratings, the travel site's new list is here to make all your vacation planning a breeze.

“Travelers are increasingly interested in getting local insight on their destination, and food tours and cooking classes a great way to do that,” said TripAdvisor spokesperson Laurel Greatrix. Scroll through above to see what's on our bucket list!

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