Tom Brady turns heads next to Gisele Bundchen at Met Gala with unorthodox tuxedo

Tom Brady joined his supermodel wife at Monday’s Met Gala in New York, and his choice of dress somehow took the attention away from Gisele Bundchen on the red carpet, setting social media ablaze with commentary.

Twitter has jokes.

Is he a magician?

Is he a vampire?

Or maybe a Marvel villain.

Or a fill-in in a Will Ferrell joint.

Maybe he’s looking ahead to a “Karate Kid” reboot for his post-NFL career.

Some are wondering what all the hubbub is about.

NFL writers are taking a break from evaluating game film to join the fashion critique.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport respects the bold choice.

Newsday’s Nick Klopsis does not.

Whatever criticism Twitter has of Brady’s fashion choice, he still has a different Super Bowl ring to wear for each weekday and spends his offseason doing things like attending the Met Gala with his beautiful, accomplished wife.

So he probably doesn’t care.

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