Here's how actress Chloe Bennet overcomes some of the biggest pressures in Hollywood


Chloe Bennet has been told time and time again that she's either too old or too young for a part. The Hollywood star, who currently stars as Daisy "Skye" Johnson on ABC's hit show 'Marvel's Agents of Shield,' even had to change her last name from Wang to start booking auditions.

"A lot of the age-related pressure that I felt comes from being so young, the youngest female in pretty much every professional setting that I've ever worked in," the 25-year-old explained to AOL Lifestyle. "An insecurity began to build up in my head about what I could accomplish. I always thought that I was less-than."

She said, "What ended up happening, inevitably, I ended up just having zero confidence in who I was and my ability." It's a pressure that Bennet hopes to fight against in her work with the #INeverExpire campaign, through SK-II Beauty.

See the viral campaign below:

The campaign aims to open up conversation about these age-related pressures -- from career to relationships -- and help women stir up the confidence against such stigmas. "What's so great about the #INeverExpire campaign is that it just sparks conversation about the pressure women feel to accomplish by a certain age," Chloe maintained.

"It's really exciting for me that a beauty brand dedicated to helping women feel good in their own skin is also helping women feel good *in* their own skin, and feel good [as] who they are," Bennet said.

As for combating the pressure on her own, the "biggest thing" for Chloe was to trust her own instincts. It really has to "come from within," the star explained about making the biggest change.

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