Melania Trump is bringing back a polarizing fashion trend popularized by Kim Kardashian — and it's a brilliant strategic move

  • Melania Trump wore a glamorous cape on Monday, while welcoming the French president to the White House.

  • This isn't the first time the first lady has sported a cape or a pseudo-cape, crafted from her off-the-shoulders coats.

  • The cape represents a glamorous sense of mystery that Trump wants to convey to America — something she has in common with Kim Kardashian, another fan of the cape.

  • Capes are set to be "every where you look" in fall 2018, according to Vogue.

Melania Trump is bringing back the cape.

On Monday, the first lady sported a $2,790 Givenchy cape to welcome French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Bridgette to the White House.

This isn't the first time the first lady has been spotted in a high-fashion cape. Unlike Michelle Obama, who is known for her down-to-earth J. Crew, Trump has doubled down on her glamorous fashion choices.

There's a clear strategy behind Trump's fashion choices which align her with another cape-lover — Kim Kardashian.

Here's a brief history of Melania Trump's cape obsession, as well as why the cape craze is on the cusp of spreading across the US.

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