Sarah Jessica Parker launches a bridal capsule collection in collaboration with Gilt


Every 'Sex and the City' fan understands how difficult it is to sperate Sarah Jessica Parker from Carrie Bradshaw. While Carrie may be a fictional television character, her real-life resemblance to SJP is uncanny. Both women are true New Yorkers with a high-heel obsession and the chicest wardrobe anyone could ever wish for.

When Sarah Jessica Parker launched her luxury shoe collection, SJP, it made perfect sense. Parker is taking her brand one step further with her newly launched bridal capsule collection -- that is completely manufactured in New York City. The ten-piece collection is inspired by Parker's vision of a modern bride (and you cannot get any more modern then Carrie marrying Big in a no-name white suit at City Hall).

The collection, which will be sold exclusively on, offers styles such as classic dresses and gowns, modern bodysuits, full skirts, and jumpsuits. Plus, the line features inclusive sizing, with sizes ranging from XS-XL in the bodysuits and 0 to 14 for all other pieces. The line starts at $295 for a sleeveless bodysuit, going up to $2,395 for the embroidered gown.

Whether you are the bride or a guest of the bride, shop this dreamy collection in the gallery below!