Makeup courses for blind Brazilian women boost self-image

SAO PAULO, April 19 (Reuters) - No mirrors needed by these women when they apply eye-liner, mascara and blush brushes. They can't see their faces.

Blind women are being taught makeup techniques and even how to put on false eyelashes in courses given by a Sao Paulo beauty salon, and it works wonders for their self-esteem.

"People say why do you put on makeup if you can't see it. But I am so happy that I can do it confidently now," said Ana Paula de Camargo, a 30-year-old housewife, as she asked the instructor to photograph her.

The free courses held at the Laramara association for blind people on the west side of Sao Paulo are offered by the Jacques Janine salon to help women overcome the challenges of doing their own makeup. Braille dots on the cosmetics allow them to find the shadow colors and brushes they need.

See inside the life-changing course:

Not having to depend on someone else for their makeup and losing the fear of doing it wrong was awesome, said Alexandra da Silva, 47, as she put on violet lipstick.

"Who says I can't see my face? Maybe not like other people. But I imagine my face and I believe I am beautiful," said Maria Mirian Callange, a 44-year-old accupuncturist with failing vision. "Now I can increase my beauty." (Reporting by Pablo Garcia and Nacho Doce; Writing by Anthony Boadle; Editing by Phil Berlowitz)