Tim Gunn on how to refresh your home for spring


We all know and love him from Project Runway but most recently, Tim Gunn has teamed up with Command™ Brand to show us how we can bring the fashion runways to the hallways of our homes. In partnership with Gilt, Gunn is aiming to help instill confidence in people to express themselves at home, translating their personal style into their interior style – without damaging the walls.

We caught up with the best-selling author and style expert to discuss the best way to dress up a blank wall and how to bring bold trends into your home in a minimalistic way. Read the entire interview below!

What’s the best way to transition your interior style to keep your home chic throughout the seasons?

Having furniture basics that are timeless and then you can change things up with accessories, pillows, things that you place on a coffee table or an end table. You should have some fun! It’s a bit like accessorizing a garment but if the main pieces are solid, trendless staples then I think you are very well served.

What is your favorite way to dress up a blank wall, especially in a small space living in NYC?

I love pieces on the wall. In fact, I have so many that now I am leaning pieces against the wall. I think it is just fun to play and it goes without saying that with the Command strips, you can have fun with it and play around with it. You can change it up and move things around. I’ve almost never put a nail in the wall. I like have a lot of things on the wall and playing with proportion and scale and the visual relationship between those pieces. You need to not only look at what they are but also the negative space that they create.

Whether it be swapping out your throw pillows or reframing your art, what is the easiest way to make a big impact when it comes to refreshing your home?

I think the biggest impact one can make is with color. That’s where I rely upon pillows or the artwork as opposed to the furniture itself.

Much like getting dressed, your living space should be a reflection and an expression of who you are. How do you merge your personal style into your home decor?

It’s interesting. My fashion style has evolved considerably since living in New York for the past 35 years and so as my home. There really is a correspondence. My home is very layered, I do a lot of pattern mixing and I experiment with a lot. I move things around, I’ll live with the same furniture placement for 5 years and then think, “you know what, let’s just swap it out and reverse how everything is in the room”. And sometimes you do that and you are like “ okay, now I know why it was the way it was” and other times you think “ You know what, this really freshens it up!”

From polka dots on the Carolina Herrera spring runway to lavender hues at Tibi and Victoria Beckham, what is the best way to incorporate bold trends into your home in a minimalistic way?

One of the easiest things to do is to go to a stationary store and buy some lavender paper and do a book cover and put it on your coffee table, or even buy a candle.

To get learn more about the partnership, visit Comand.com and check out photos from the Gilt pop-up shop in the gallery below!