Expert: Melania Trump may be sending a secret message with her outfits


She's a (first) lady of few words, but first lady Melania Trump may actually be saying more than we think.

The Daily Mail spoke with fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen who believes that Melania is actually sending quite the message with her sartorial choices. Though introverted, FLOTUS “speaks very loudly through her clothing,” explains Karen.

Karen said, "She may appear to be difficult to read because she isn’t as flamboyant or as vocal as most First Ladies that we’ve seen in the past."

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Compared to Michelle Obama, who regularly chose sleeveless dresses, Melania's been known to cover up in a designer overcoat or cape. Karen says covering her hands and shoulders in this way creates a barrier or protective shield. However, many are quick to notice it's also a way for FLOTUS to avoid holding her husband's hand.

"That’s still something about her, but she has to figure out another way to convey that sex appeal, without being jarring and without being inappropriate," explained Karen about her sometimes conservative, covered-up attire.

Melania also never takes off her sunglasses, even if it's night time. Believes the expert, the choice of accessories is a way for Melania to avoid making too much contact with others, especially if she’s feeling nervous. And her choice of footwear, always heels, may help Melania feel more confident and powerful.

h/t The Daily Mail

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