CLEAN Reserve's Avant Garden collection will be your new go-to spring perfumes

The 'green' movement -- eco-friendly this, eco-friendly that -- has been around for quite some time. In recent years, the trend has picked up steam in the beauty industry with all-natural products and packaging that are not only good for your body but also the environment.

CLEAN has been leading the way in the perfume sector as one of the first 'green' fragrance brands. The company recently launched a new offshoot of their uber-successful CLEAN Reserve line, the Avant Garden collection.

Just like its brand's name suggests, the scents are simple, yet captivating and not too overpowering. A little goes a long way, with a couple of spritzes lasting you the whole day.

The new collection includes a number of unisex scents, like 'Galbanum & Rain' which is crafted with notes that include galbanum, Sichuan pepper and cedarwood. It's a fresh and woodsy scent that mixes the masculine and feminine in one bottle. The 'Sweetbriar & Moss' scent is also a favorite -- its sweet and springtime fresh scent, with notes of jasmine and saffron flower, is quite mesmerizing. And if you're looking for a sexy scent, you can't go wrong with the 'Muget & Skin,' which should be your new go-to perfume for date night.

The best part? These perfumes can be layered, meaning you can mix and match and layer to your heart's content.

CLEAN stands by its 'green' mission -- from its recyclable packaging (down to the ink on the cartons and labels which are water-based and non-toxic) to the actual ingredients themselves which are sourced from local growers all over the world.

Purchase a bottle and try it out for yourself. You'll thank us later!

Check out the slideshow below for our favorite scents from CLEAN Reserve's Avant Garden collection:

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