This is why you should never buy counterfeit beauty products

We love a good deal, especially when it involves a coveted name brand (oh, hellooooo, Drunk Elephant sale). But beware, budget beauty lovers, because we have some pretty gross news that will make you rethink saving a pretty penny on a cult-favorite makeup product lookalikes.

After seizing over $700,000 in counterfeit cosmetics from street vendors in downtown L.A., authorities have announced that the knock-offs tested positive for bacteria, lead and even traces of animal feces. (Um, thank god we just finished our lunch...)

According to ABC News, officials say the investigation began when "customers complained of rashes and other skin irritations from using the knockoff mascaras, lipsticks and eyeshadows." Fake versions of Urban Decay, MAC and Kylie Cosmetics were among the brands being counterfeited.

A Naked Palette from the guy on the corner for 10 bucks? Um, we'll pass, thanks.

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