Meghan Markle's former trainer of 3 years says she likes circuit training and using mini bands — here's what her workouts look like

  • Craig McNamee, founder of Catalyst Health, says he was personal trainer to Meghan Markle for three years while she was filming "Suits" in Toronto.

  • He revealed Meghan Markle's workout routine in an interview with Women's Health.

  • She is apparently "very focused on her health."

  • He revealed the types of exercises and gym equipment they would incorporate into her circuit-based strength training together.

  • They went for lighter weights in higher reps over heavier weights, he said.

In the leadup up to her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle will likely be very busy with preparations. The future royal is reportedly "very focused on her health" and previously blogged about health and fitness, so it's likely that her pre-wedding prep will involve a strict workout routine.

And if you were wondering just what that was, you're in luck because her personal trainer of three years, Craig McNamee, founder of Catalyst Health in Toronto, Canada, has revealed the types of workouts that he used to design for the actress while she was filming the TV show "Suits."

McNamee told Women's Heath that Markle is "very focused on her health" and that when he met her she was already in good shape as she regularly ran and practiced yoga (her mother is a yoga instructor).

"So it was up to me to take it to the next level," he said. This, he explained, meant adding in circuit-based strength training to her routine.

According to McNamee, the pair would meet up together between three and four times per week for 45-minute sessions.

This, he said, would typically be broken down into five minutes of cardio to warm up, five minutes of dynamic stretching, a 30-minutes circuits session, finished off with five minutes of stretching.

"Generally speaking, we had a full-body approach," he said. "And since Meghan was onscreen, we really focused on posture."

To this end he would build in posterior chain movements that work the glutes, back, and hamstrings — which can include things like squats and deadlifts — as well as exercises that work the core, specifically the abs, back, obliques, and pelvic floor.

In a typical circuits workout with Markle, he would introduce TRX suspension equipment, dumbbells (5-10lbs), a 10-lb kettlebell, and a mini band — which Markle apparently particularly liked using to do lower body exercises, something that's also popular with Victoria's Secret Angels.

Below, the Toronto-based boutique gym congratulated their client on her cover feature with a Canadian magazine via Instagram, and reshared her post in which she gives them a shoutout.

They went for lighter weights in higher reps (20 to 25) over heavier weights.

"Our big focus with all of our sessions was to not be too repetitive and really create a dynamic workout with a lot of variety," McNamee said.

"This workout is great for celebs and regular gym goers alike. It hits all the right areas and helps you work toward a long, lean, camera-ready look."

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Her upcoming marriage to Harry has put physical distance between Markle and her trainer, but he says they're still in touch and believes she's still incorporating their strength training into her exercise routine.

"Meghan is dedicated to her health, it's a big aspect of her life. So for her, now it's about keeping up with the workouts we did together, and making them count."

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