Fitness guru Kayla Itsines is engaged and you need to see her ring!

Kayla Itsines and Tobi Pearce are a perfect fit. Now the Australian personal trainer, 21, and her love of more than five years are engaged.

Itsines, who created the wildly popular Bikini Body Guide program, broke the news to her Instagram followers on Monday, April 16. “Tobi got down on one knee last week and asked me to marry him .  . . in front my family!”  wrote Itsines. “I obviously said YES to spending the rest of my life with my very best friend.”

The bride-to-be shared a smiling photo of her and the 25-year-old Sweat cofounder. She also showed off her stunning asscher shaped rock, surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Itsines has more has 9.4 million Instagram followers and 20 million Facebook devotees dedicated to her 28-minute high-intensity workouts BBG workouts and Sweat with Kayla exercise and program. She cofounded the empire with Peace — also a fitness guru — in 2012.

Kayla Itsines' best Instagrams
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Kayla Itsines' best Instagrams
I’m often asked if I could change anything about my body, what would it be? I see most women saying “bigger boobs, bigger bum, smaller this smaller that”. People are very surprised when I say “I don’t want to change anything”. I know there’s a lot about my body that OTHERS would like to change, but not me. Trends come and go and what matters most to me is not likes on Instagram, sexualising myself, selling myself out, or trying to be controversial to gain followers... what matters MOST to me is that I’m healthy, I’m happy and I’m confident in myself! I honestly wouldn’t change a thing!
I tried a morning workout but I didn’t love it! I find for me, I always need to have already eaten two meals in me before I can do one of my workouts! I normally workout at 2pm everyday which is perfect for me because I have my breakfast, my snack and my lunch! My new favourite lunch at the moment are cold rolls, which are called something different all over the world. They are rice paper rolls with prawns, basil, mint and lettuce in them!! Perfect for before a workout (not too heavy).
Someone asked me how I get that glow on my skin.... ummm it’s called being oily and Greek hahahahaha. My skin is naturally oily - and the Mediterranean diet probably doesn’t do me any favours... 😂👏 ... and yes- I DO get pimples! Anyway I’m off to train arms now!!
Back is my new favourite thing to train! I have improved my posture soooo much! Would you ladies like me to do a back training video to show you how I’ve improved the way I stand and my posture through strength training ?? Let me know in the comments below 😘😘
FAQ’s about me. Age - 26. (27 in a month) Height - 165cm. Weight - 53kgs. Personal trainer for 9 years. Heritage - Greek. Siblings - one, Leah. Partner - @tobi_pearce. Mother and Father - still married. Live in - Adelaide, South Australia (never moving). Ask any questions you want to know about me below !! 💛💛
Can’t say I woke up feeling the BEST after easter haha! We ate amazing food all day starting from 12:30pm until dinner time! I don’t feel guilty at all but I DO feel like I didn’t drink as much water as I normally do which made me wake up with a headache! I don’t drink alcohol which is always a plus for me. So today is all about drinking plenty of water, getting out in the sunshine and getting a good workout in!!
What better way to spend this beautiful day than inside training hahhaa joking! I’ll be done in 28 minutes 💪💪 #bbgstronger
Just a big walk today!! Did some exciting stuff with @sweat today at the studio I’M EXCITED 😁😁....but more importantly I’m excited for orthodox easter on Sunday! My mum has already told me I am not allowed to show up in sports clothes so NOW I have to find something to wear....which by the way is UNFAIR because all I’ll end up doing is running around getting people things and cleaning up plates .... so I FEEL LIKE mum should at least let me wear sport shoes 😁😁😁😁 ????? C’mon please! (Back me up here😂)
What’s everyone training today!?! Comment below!
Good morning from Australia!! 🇦🇺 This week we are preparing for Orthodox Easter😍 This is going to be at my mums house and I can’t wait to see the family 😁 For me, these occasions mean “family time” so I don’t concern myself with what I’m going to eat! Greek food is mostly healthy (minus some of the cakes ahah) so I’ll be happy!! For the ladies who don’t know, I don’t drink alcohol so having a few pieces of cake doesn’t bother me at all! Remember, food brings people TOGETHER... not apart!
ARMS TODAY!! Week 23 #bbgstronger was a killer! They were shaking as I was taking this photo hahaha! Hope everyone is having a good day! I know it’s the Easter long weekend but still try and keep up with your routines .... after all, it’s only 28 minutes 😝😏😉
ABS TODAY!! I’m actually so happy to get back into training. I felt like I hadn’t trained properly (with a schedule) in 2-3 weeks! I like to train at the same time everyday (2pm) so being able to do that again back in Adelaide is working perfectly for me! What time do you train ?? Comment below!!
Do you wear makeup to the gym?? For me, I don’t use foundation on my skin (unless I’m going somewhere important). Everyday I clean my skin, moisturise, fill in my brows a little bit, put a mineral bronzer all over my face, eyeliner, mascara and DONE! That’s my everyday “I only have 5 minutes” look 😝😝 Do you train with makeup on? Comment below!
LANDED BACK HOME!!! Can’t wait to see my family, my dogs and also get back into training properly! I haven’t been in Adelaide for more than a day in 2-3 weeks! I think it’s time to rest and relax now 😁😁
A lot of women ask me what I eat everyday! I believe in eating in a way that is balanced and feels right for you body. I'm greek, so we eat a Mediterranean diet in my family. So my day will look like this (M stands for Meal). M1 - Two pieces of light right toast with tomato, olives and anchovies. M2- Seasonal fruit with a Turkish coffee and maybe one of my Yiayias greek biscuits. M3- Grilled seafood, home made bread, rice and a salad. M4 - an apple or crackers with tuna on them. M5 - Chicken Gyros/yiros/kebab (depending where you live) - this is basically pita bread, meat, salad and garlic sauce OR roast dinner OR thai/Vietnamese food (my favourite) . I will drink 2-3 cups of herbal tea a day (chamomile) and if I feel like something sweet, I will add honey to my tea.

“He’s amazing,” she gushed to Today Extra in January 2017. “We obviously have a passion for what we do and we love it. People say ‘Do you get tired of sitting there talking about business?’ But no, we love it.”

In April 2016, Itsines told revealed that Peace already felt like her husband. “I swear to God we’re already married!” she told Popsugar Australia. “We’ve got our two dogs, we’ve got our business and we’re really happy. Tobi already introduces me as his wife!”

Itsines was named the top fitness influencer on the Forbes’ Top Influences List in 2017. She earned $17 million in revenue in 2016, per the publication.

Stunning, unique styles of engagement rings
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Stunning, unique styles of engagement rings

Platinum iolite diamond ring, $4,100, Cathy Waterman available at Oak Gem

ST. ANDREWS, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 25: Kate Middleton during a visit to the University of St Andrews on February 25 2011 in St. Andrews, Scotland. Kate and William first met and graduated while students at St Andrews University. (Photo by David Cheskin - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Style gr210-4, pink sapphire etched bezel 18K gold ring with a satin finish, $3,500, Adel Chefridi

"Trinity de Cartier" aquamarine and diamond 18K white gold engagement ring, price upon request, Cartier.
"Ludo" yellow gold engagement ring, $1,760, Digby & Iona

Style TR3D259, "Embrace" platinum 4.3 carat rough diamond engagement ring, $39,000, James Allen

"Mosaic" ring set in 18K white gold ring with pear-shaped natural diamond and side diamonds, price upon request, Megan Thorne
"Annalise" platinum and diamond engagement ring, $13,000 (center stone not included), Erica Courtney

Round-cut engagement ring with pavé diamond band, price upon request, David Yurman

"Grace" 18k gold setting with white diamonds center three carat stone CTW 4.0., $8,500, KiraKira

Style R784, "Kelsey" 18 karat yellow gold rose-cut pink sapphire and diamond ring, $4,500, Donna Distefano
"Adonis Rose" diamond engagement ring with a platinum band and bezel-set marquise diamonds plus approximately 0.7 carat pavé diamonds, price upon request, De Beers
Style R00870003, 18k white gold slice diamond engagement ring, $6,900 (center stone not included), L'Dezen Jewellery
Style 28057S, Vintage Collection ring with 2.62 carats of blue sapphires and diamonds set in 18kt white gold, $10,700, Kwiat
Style 10048, "The Crest Ring" four prong-set round brilliant-cut diamond with pavé diamonds set in white gold, price upon request (center stone not included), De Beers
Style 104YC-C, "Dewdrop Cluster" ring in 18K yellow gold with brilliant and old mine-cut diamonds, $8,500, Megan Thorne
Style 35404, vintage hexagon-shaped engagement ring set in platinum, $3,125 (center stone not included), Monique Lhuillier Fine Jewelry available at Blue Nile
Style K150R65RWR, Pirouetta Collection hand-engraved rose and white gold engagement ring, $3,630 (center stone not included), Kirk Kara
Style FJB045, "Allison" bridal ring featuring a marquis flower halo with prong-set round diamonds and a round diamond pavé band set in 18K white gold, 28 round diamonds, 0.23 TCW, 1 round blue sapphire, 0.005 TCW, 1 carat center stone, $2,840 (center stone not included), JudeFrances
Style 10039, "The Stream Ring" four prong-set round brilliant-cut white gold engagement ring with pavé diamonds, price upon request, De Beers
"Atreyu" diamond engagement ring, $1,180, Digby & Iona

Style R816, "Princess" 22-karat yellow gold, pink sapphire, and diamond ring, $6,900, Donna Distefano

"Lauren" platinum engagement ring with two pink diamonds placed on the side of the setting, $10,500 (center stone not included), Erica Courtney
Style WR1013, "Renaissance" cable engagement ring, $9,200, David Yurman

Style TR3D688, "Covet" yellow gold 4.7 carat rough diamond engagement ring, $18,000, James Allen

"Riley" platinum and diamond engagement ring, $11,000 (center stone not included), Erica Courtney
"Westley" engagement ring, $1,160, Digby & Iona
Style 110YC-R, "Scalloped Bezel" ring with ribbed scallop shank 18K yellow gold with brilliant diamonds, $6,800, Megan Thorne

Style 28068, Vintage Collection ring 1.19 carats of diamonds set in 18kt white gold, $9,550, Kwiat

Style R737, "JT Classic" three-stone ring with oval pink sapphire and round diamonds in 18K yellow gold, $2,200, Jane Taylor

Style R2784, Hera Collection vintage-inspired milgrain-etched curling scroll band surrounding a cushion-cut diamond, $3,425 (center stone not included), Parade Design
"Juliette" 18k gold and diamond London blue topaz engagement ring, $7,500, Erica Courtney
"Scalloped Bezel" engagement ring set in 18K yellow gold with a cushion-cut blue sapphire, price upon request, Megan Thorne

Style R945PD, platinum art deco-inspired engagement ring, $11,450, Mark Patterson

Style 28004P, 1.26 carats of pink sapphire and diamond set in 18kt white gold, $3,900, Kwiat
"Wood Nymph" three-stone engagement ring, 18K white gold with rose-cut blue sapphires and diamond, price upon request, Megan Thorne
Style R01540017, 18K rose gold slice diamond engagement ring, $4,000, L'Dezen Jewellery
Style R930PD, round-cut diamond engagement ring, $9,040, Mark Patterson
Style 135499, 18K white gold ring with 0.45 carats of diamonds 1 carat pear diamond center, $8,500, Supreme Jewelry
Style TR2D870, "Orielle" rose gold rough diamond engagement ring, $26,000, James Allen
"Picture Frame" engagement ring with dark pink sapphire, $1,870, Megan Thorne
Style R0140015, 18k yellow gold and slice diamond ring, $4,500, L'Dezen Jewellery
Style 28000, Vintage Collection ring 1.29 carats of rose-cut diamonds set in 18kt white gold, $7,850, Kwiat
Style 149WC, "Trellis" studded engagement ring 18K white gold with brilliant diamonds, $4,000, Megan Thorne
Style 35413, floral diamond engagement ring set in platinum, $3,500 (center stone not included), Monique Lhuillier available at Blue Nile
Style MR2151, platinum engagement ring with .48ctw round white diamonds and a 1.12ctw mosaic center made up of 9 baguette-cut white diamonds, $9,570, Simon G
Style R3008, Hemera Collection 1.12 carat round-cut halo engagement ring feature eight marquise-cut diamonds, $6,225 (center stone not included), Parade Design
Style 138WC-S, "Wood Nymph" engagement ring, 18K white gold with rose cut diamonds and side brilliant diamonds, $3,200, Megan Thorne
"Lightdance" peach gold ring in 20k gold with oval diamond and full-cut side diamonds, price upon request, Reinstein/Ross
Style SS6955, Pirouetta Collection handcrafted engagement ring, $5,100 (center stone not included), Kirk Kara
Style MR2368, 18K white gold engagement ring with .83ctw round white diamonds, $4,400, Simon G
Style 51PR5, platinum with a 0.75 carat princess cut center diamond, $4,646, Tacori
Style TRDR550-53, 18k gold with a brown rose-cut diamond (.12ctw), $3,300, Todd Reed
Style R2954/R1, 1.25-1.5 carat round diamond in platinum, $3,550 (center stone not included), Parade Design

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