Mom says Lush body lotion cleared her baby's eczema for good


Anyone who has dealt with bad eczema knows how important hydration is, that humidifiers can be key in preventing a flare-up, and cotton pajamas are next to miraculous. If you or your child is one of the 35 million people in the US with the condition, you know how difficult it can be to maintain.

Sarah Rudd knows the struggle too well. She's tried every medication under the sun for her baby, who has been battling the condition since birth. "Nothing we were prescribed worked, even hydrocortisone cream didn’t touch it. Tried dairy free formula, Dermol, Nizarol, Aveeno, Oilatum.... nothing made a difference...," the UK mom wrote in a now-viral Facebook post.

After her baby didn't sleep for 4 months because of the itching and scratching, Rudd desperately reached out to her Facebook friends for suggestions. One friend has suggested "Lush's Dream Cream," which quickly cleared the baby's skin in under 7 days.

"It’s transformed his skin and he’s now completely and utterly eczema free. For anyone else having a hard time, it’s done the job for us," Rudd shared about the best selling product, which lists cocoa butter, rose water, oat milk and olive oil as some of its ingredients.

The post has been shared so many times (almost 47,000 times, to be exact) that the already-beloved beauty brand has seen a skyrocket in sales. Many other eczema fighters are claiming the product has cured their eczema for good.

"After only 3 days of using this lotion, the redness has gone down and my skin looks really nice again! Cannot wait to go buy the big version of it now," explained one user. And at only $30 a bottle (for 8.4 ounces), we can say it's worth a try.

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