This mom is warning parents about car seat strap covers after her baby was thrown from her seat

A mom from Georgia faced a parent's worst fear after she received a call that her daughter was in a roll-over car accident.

Hannah Pope’s two-month-old daughter, Robin, was in the car with her aunt when the car cartwheeled twice and landed on its side. Robin was thrown from her car seat and found in the third row of the car, according to WLTX News 19. While she is alive and well, Robin suffered fractures and scratches, and first responders to the scene said the sheepskin seat strap covers were to blame.

"When we got to the vehicle, all straps were tight and intact,” Hannah said in her Facebook post about the accident. “Plus the car seat was still in base and still attached to the seat.” She goes on to explain that her daughter was ejected due to the slickness of the sheepskin that slid against her shirt and did not hold her in the car seat during the crash.

Hannah posted a PSA on Facebook warning parents about the straps, and has been shared over 139,000 times. In it, she urges parents not to sacrifice safety for comfort. Not only could the covers defeat the security purposes of a car seat, but Hannah also shared car seat accessories void the warranty in the case of an accident.

“We had to learn the hard way, and I thank God every day that he had his hands on her,” she says. “They may look cute, and it may be soft, but for your child’s safety, don’t do it.”

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