Here’s the dish Kate Middleton loves to cook


They may be royalty, but they are a family just the same, and Kate Middleton certainly loves to get her family around the dinner table. Especially if that means sharing a plate of spicy curry!

Yep, the Duchess of Cambridge absolutely loves the popular Indian dish. She has told numerous sources that curry is her go-to takeout food and also one she loves to cook at home. It was even her favorite dish to have during her first pregnancy, where she enjoyed a homemade vegetable curry dish made by close friends.

In an interview with BBC Radio One, Kate admitted to loving spicy food. Prince William, however, is not the biggest fan of spicy meals. In fact, he “struggles” with it. The Duke of Cambridge then replied saying that he’s “not so good with the spicy food.”

But that doesn’t stop them from ordering curry takeout. Yes, royalty can order takeout, but it isn’t delivered directly to the palace. Prince William said they typically have someone to go pick up the food.

When it comes to actually cooking curry, Kate loves to serve guests at her table. No, that doesn’t mean just sitting at the table with them, but actually serving them a delicious meal.

But…is it delicious? According to Prince William, maybe not. Kate admitted to a few chefs out to dinner one night that Prince William has to “put up with my cooking most of the time.” The Duke joked that her cooking is “the reason I’m so skinny!”

That’s OK, Kate: We’re not perfect cooks either, but that doesn’t ever stop us from trying. Which is why we are totally going to demolish this delicious plate of Chicken Vegetable Curry tonight, in honor of the Duchess’ go-to grub.

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