Here's why you should avoid draining pasta in the sink at all costs

Pasta is generally known as a simple dinner solution. But you could be making it all wrong -- and I’m not talking about just overcooking it and getting that mushy gross texture.

Cooking experts tell The Huffington Post that by draining your pasta water through a colander down the sink you are throwing away "liquid gold!" Please, don’t mistake this liquid gold for the other liquid gold like the wood cleaner or organic milk.

The Huffington Post reports that since pasta is made from flour, the starch it releases into the water as it cooks is useful for creating the perfect pasta sauce! That cloudy water works as an emulsifying agent and can be used to make your sauce thick because no one likes runny sauce!

Experts say pasta water can make most sauces less greasy and give it a silky texture. Yum!