Wellness Wednesdays: Meditation in Chaos


Meditation has been proven to fight stress, all while improving focus, heart health and happiness. But given job restraints and family commitments, it's difficult to make the time for peaceful meditation during the week -- especially as a parent.

However, making time for yourself isn't "selfish," nor is it impossible. Not only will this alone time make you feel better, but it'll make you a better parent as well.

Dr. Karen Latimer knows this struggle all too well and struggles to focus on her own thoughts even when she gets a break from her five children. "I even feel this way when I'm alone," the expert explained. "The noise going on inside my head is even harder to escape."

And according to Dr. Latimer, you don't have to be alone to meditate! Watch the video above to learn all her relaxation tricks, from breathing techniques to her relaxation tea.

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