Meghan Markle may be 'outsparkled' by her maid of honor at her wedding

Meghan Markle may be 'outsparkled' by her maid of honor at her wedding

We're not saying Pippa Middleton completely outshined sister Kate during her nuptials to Prince William, but the Duchess' maid of honor quickly became a worldwide sensation following the royal extravaganza in 2011.

And some say that there could be a similar dynamic between Meghan Markle and her maid of honor come the royal wedding in May. Jessica Mulroney, who's most likely been "tapped" to be by the 36-year-old actress' side on her big day, may actually "outsparkle" Markle.

Said a friend to The Sun, "Meghan looks up to Jessica and has, to a certain degree, modelled herself on her. The irony is Meghan could end up being upstaged by the woman she’s fashioned herself on."

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their friendship:

Mulroney, a stylist and wedding planner hailing from Toronto, has been Markle's close friend for years, since she relocated to Canada to film Suits in 2011. The socialite mother-of-three has been deemed "Canadian royalty" because of her marriage to television host Ben, the son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and her close circle of friends.

Mulroney, 37, was also present at Meghan's baptism, and reportedly helped her pick out a wedding dress designer.

For more on their friendship, watch the video above.

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