Hate meditating? Try ‘mindful running’

You’ve tried to meditate, like, a million times. But there’s just something about sitting still for 20 minutes that doesn’t click with your on-the-move personality.

Here’s something that might be more your speed (literally): mindful running.

The basic concept is similar to mindfulness meditation, or using focused attention to reduce stress, improve sleep and heighten focus and creativity. The only difference? It’s a little less stationary.

To try it, go for a run like you normally would but make a concerted effort to clear your mind and focus on your breathing. You can run without headphones and be totally alone with your thoughts or listen to calming music (you know, the kind without words).

You could also take advantage of a cool new partnership between the meditation website Headspace and Nike, which offers guided meditation runs through Nike’s Run Club app. These runs are aimed to include both effort-based running instruction and lessons on how to unlock strength and peace from within. “The guidance blends technical and motivational components, making it a little more active and upbeat than a sitting meditation,” Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe explains.

Reaping the benefits of meditation while burning calories? We’ll meet you outside in 15.

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