How to make guacamole, according to Antoni from 'Queer Eye'

There are TV shows that you like and would be sad to see go, and then there are shows that you are so in love with that you're concerned about what you'll do with your life when the season is over. To me, "Queer Eye" is the latter.

Netflix's reboot of the all-around makeover show has been melting hearts and probably boosting Kleenex sales worldwide since its release earlier this year. All I want in life is to have the Fab Five coach me through all of my life decisions and be able to watch just one episode without crying profusely. Is that too much for a girl to ask?

Beyond producing tears, the show has also cranked out some amazing meals à la Antoni Porowski, aka the most beautiful "food and wine expert" to ever bless this planet with his face and love of avocados.

While some have questioned his culinary expertise, the Canadian-born chef expertly serves up easy-to-make dishes that build contestants' confidence in the kitchen and themselves. Take his lesson on making guacamole in the very beginning of the series with Tom.

First, Meet Tom

If you have yet to watch, let me catch you up to speed. In Episode 1, we follow the journey of Tom, a 57-year-old divorcee and devout worshipper of the redneck margarita. He wastes no time in breaking our hearts by proclaiming with a half-hearted smile that the Fab Five won't be able to "fix ugly." Ugh, Tom! But after spending a week together, Tom seems genuinely ecstatic about his new look, repeatedly exclaiming "god daaammnn" in such an endearing way that I have started to imitate it in my daily life.

The episode ends with Tom asking the love of his life, Abby, if she will go to dinner with him the following Saturday night over a bowl of guacamole (freshly made by Tom). Of course, she says yes.

Spoiler Alert: Tom and Abby recently announced they are engaged and want the Fab Five as their groomsmen. My heart can't handle how fabulous that wedding would be.

"It All Starts With a Nice Guac"

Antoni Porowski on Instagram: “It all starts with a nice guac ����.”
Antoni Porowski on Instagram: “It all starts with a nice guac ����.”

Antoni tackles the task of teaching Tom how to ditch some of his favorite highly processed foods in exchange for something healthier, like fresh guacamole. While one avocado dish might not be the secret to transforming this man's diet of Mountain Dew and burritos (or my diet of instant noodles and wine), it's definitely a delicious start.

Like Tom, you can let this guac be the gateway to a fresher, healthier, energized life. Here's how to make Antoni's famous guac on your own, and feel just as good as Tom pulling up to the car show.

What You'll Need:

- Two Mashed Avocados

- Fresh Lime Juice

- Dash of Chopped Cilantro

- Dollop of Greek Yogurt

#SpoonTip: Add salt, pepper, and red onion for some extra flavor.

How to Make It:

Antoni wears a borrowed sweatband and nonchalantly cradles a stuffed doll they found in Tom's apartment for the duration of the entire "guacamole scene," but if you don't have any of those things, no big. Mix all of your ingredients together, grab some chips and a love interest of your choosing, and voila!

"Queer Eye" holds such a special place in the hearts of fans in part because of the way it tackles a wide range of topics, from confidence in a world of toxic masculinity, using green stick concealer, discussing police brutality, and finding comfort in the kitchen.

With seven other episodes of the highly binge-able show and a second season of "Queer Eye" on the way, there are guaranteed to be more heart-warming moments, nuanced social discussions, and Antoni-approved recipes to come (I'm personally requesting a healthier version of the redneck margarita). In the meantime, I'll be stocking up on tissues and eating guacamole.