The one wedding trend everyone's saying goodbye to this year

We’ve stalked our fair share of wedding hashtags in our day—#OnceUponaThyre, #ForeverMoore, #ToHaveandToHolderfeld. But we’re calling it: Labeling your wedding with a punny hashtag is a trend that is officially over for 2018. (As much fun as it was: #RIPweddinghashtags.)

Here’s why: As online wedding planner Joy told us, the practical reason is that with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, wedding hashtags are straight up less trackable than they used to be. (Which might be why not much came up when you searched #ShottsgunWedding last weekend.) So while you might’ve wanted a place to see all of your guests’ wedding photos, it’s just not as reliable a solution as it once was (ah, the good ol’ days!).

The not-so-technical reason? We’re personally graduating from over-sharing to taking control of what parts of our lives are searchable to anyone with a smartphone. Instead, try making a shared iCloud album so your friends can dump all their photos into a treasure-trove of candids and selfies that only you guys can see.

Does that mean we’re not going to post a flat lay of avocado toast with some quality yolk porn? Of course not. Our vows, though? Nah, we’ll keep those to ourself.

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