"Property Brothers" share the trick to upgrading a “boring” staircase -- on a budget!


Ah, the million-dollar question! How do you upgrade a particularly "boring" part of your home without breaking the bank?

The "Property Brothers" have the answer -- because of course they do!

"You could go crazy and do something incredible that would cost a lot of money," Jonathan Scott tells studio audience member Toni and her twin boys, Francesco and Antonio. "Or you could do something like paint it all out, and it would look a thousand times better."

So, there you go -- the solution is as simple as paint! And okay, a few other finishing touches, too.

The "Property Brothers" digitally transformed Toni's staircase to give her an idea of what it would like with their suggestions. See the big difference below:

"We finished off a post at the bottom [of the staircase] to make it look like it terminates properly," Jonathan explains about their virtual fix. "And then just added a little paneling."

As far as paneling goes, all you need is a little bit of shoe mould -- because according to Drew, the the wainscoting or wood paneling actually isn’t as thick as it looks!

In fact, the brothers assured Toni and her twin boys that the paneling upgrade could be accomplished in ONE AFTERNOON.

We're in.

Watch the video above for more details on the super simple upgrade!

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