Skin illusionist's incredible works of art go viral


There are those who know nothing about makeup and others who could spend hours in a cosmetics store like Sephora. Or, you could have a talent like Mirjana Kika Milosevic's and turn makeup into a completely different type of art.

The Serbian special effects makeup artist has been going viral for her incredible works of art. Milosevic doesn't stop at her face, however, but instead extends her art to cover her whole body.

She calls herself a "skin illusionist," using her cosmetics to transform herself into various odd-looking cartoon characters or make her body disappear.

Take a look at some of her best works:

Her painstakingly complex process is recorded and posted to Youtube to help aspiring artists and fans develop their work. One of her most recent works, in which she transforms into a knot, went viral, amassing nearly 7 million views.

While other subjects include a hanger, corpse bride and Despicable Me's Gru, Milosevic's knot instructional video is arguably one of her most famous tutorials to-date. You can see why she's become a social media sensation:

According to her Facebook biography, Milosevic jokes that she learned to draw before she could walk. Beginning from an early age, her talent was self-taught.

"As she was living in a country which was strucked by war and it was a time when people was hardly living and almost didn’t know what will happen to them next day, so her parents couldn’t affort schollarship for some artistic schools," she explains.

While she completed basic makeup courses, Milosevic developed an interest in body painting and has since won many awards. You can follow her artistic adventures here.

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