Why you should stop using straws immediately

Not only are straws bad for the environment, they're bad for your health as well.

Well, according to the Daily Mail, here are a few reasons why you should stop drinking from a straw immediately.

The biggest benefit to straws is allegedly tooth protection. But, think about it: even if straws bypass your front teeth, your back teeth still take a bath in whatever soda or juice you’re drinking.And since straws usually dump those drinks in the same area of your mouth over and over, you might actually be increasing your chances of developing cavities and tooth decay by repeatedly attacking the same teeth.

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You also can’t avoid using a straw without puckering up. Well, that can actually form extra wrinkles around your mouth because you use those pucker muscles so often.

Furthermore, drinking from a straw can increase gas and bloating. When you sip, you’re also sucking in more air with your liquid.

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