Adorable kindergartener's weather report cracks up the internet


You saw it here, folks. Carden Corts clearly has a future in broadcast journalism.

The 6-year-old kindergartner, who hails from Nashville, Tennesse, has gone viral for his adorable weather report. With the help of his father, who is head of a digital video network, Carden took his school project to the next level by filming it in the studio.

Don't be fooled: Carden's sass and cuteness is all him.

Carden's dad Charlie explained to Yahoo, "When I first saw the assignment, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life.’ I’m kidding, of course, but I did know we could have fun and make a funny video together.”

“Carden was a natural. I would tell him what to say, and he really went for it. He was cracking me up,” he added.

The video was first posted to Reddit and then Youtube, where it's amassed nearly 800,000 views since it's posting on Wednesday. Response to Carden's video has been overwhelming.

"10/10. Would actually watch weather reports if Carden was hosting," wrote one Youtuber. Said another, "The hurricane part made me spit my drink out because it was so unexpected. Love this! ".

Weather Nation even extended an invitation for Carden to visit their studios. "Great job, Carden! Next time you are in Denver, stop by our studios! We'd love to have you in front of our green screen! ," they commented.

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