Twitter can’t handle these sports fans eating out of a mayo jar


A spoonful of mayo? A video of what appears to be two sports fans eating mayo with a spoon out of a jar at a basketball game has gone viral on social media — and Twitter has a lot to say about it.

“You know, there’s food you can put that on,” ESPN captioned the clip on Tuesday, March 20, from the broadcast of the Detroit Pistons game against the Sacramento Kings the night before. In the video, one of the women holds up the jar of Best Food’s mayonnaise on the jumbotron and seemingly enjoys multiple scoops of the condiment. She offers the other woman a bite, and she laughs and gets her own serving.

It’s safe to say social media users had an intense reaction to the idea of eating mayo by the spoonful.

One user posted a GIF of New Girl’s Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield) gagging.

“I just about threw up,” another user tweeted.

One user wrote, “These ladies shared a jar of mayo at a basketball game and now I’m nauseous.”

Other Twitter users had a theory that it wasn’t mayo in the jar. “The old Vanilla pudding in mayo jar trick,” one person wrote. Another user tweeted, “I seen people put marshmallows in mayonnaise containers.”

A third quipped: “That girl eating out of a mayo jar can easily be trolling ya’ll, and have like yogurt in there or something.”

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