Queen Elizabeth called Camilla Parker Bowles ‘wicked,’ new book claims


Those are fighting words. Queen Elizabeth called Camilla Parker Bowles a "wicked woman" after drinking a few martinis, a new biography about Prince Charles claims.

An excerpt from REBEL Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles published by The Daily Mail on Monday, March 19, details the queen's alleged dislike of her future daughter-in-law following the dissolution of Prince Charles' marriage to Princess Diana.

In the summer of 1998, author Tom Bower claims Camilla was ready to make her relationship with the prince public, so Charles confronted his mother, hoping to earn her approval. Queen Elizabeth and her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, had made their unwillingness to accept Camilla known, and according to the book, the British ruler wasn't backing down.

"But on that evening she'd had several martinis, and to Charles's surprise she replied forcefully: she would not condone his adultery, nor forgive Camilla for not leaving Charles alone to allow his marriage to recover," Bower writes.

The passage continues, "She vented her anger that he had lied about his relationship with what she called 'that wicked woman,' and added: 'I want nothing to do with her.'"

Bower claims that Prince Charles kept trying to change his mother's mind, but the turning point didn't come until Bowes-Lyon died in 2002. Queen Elizabeth allowed Camilla to attend the funeral as "a friend of the Queen Mother" rather than as Charles' partner.

The book alleges that the queen believed her son and his former mistress would not marry in her lifetime. Charles and Camilla eventually wed in April 2005. REBEL Prince also claims that the Queen Mother's royal steward told Charles at his wedding reception that he wouldn't have been able to marry Camilla if his grandmother had still been living.