Princess Elisabeth of Belgium is set to move to the UK after college acceptance


Congrats are in order for Belgium's Princess Elisabeth!

It looks like there will be a new princess in town as the first in line to the Belgian throne is set to relocate to the UK this summer following her acceptance to a sixth form college in South Wales. Elisabeth, 16, the eldest child of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, will study at United World College of the Atlantic after passing all the required exams.

But what exactly do we know about Belgium's future queen?

Elisabeth has three siblings -- Prince Gabriel, born in 2003, Prince Emmanuel, born in 2005, and Princess Eléonore, born in 2008. Her whole family currently resides in the Castle of Laeken in Belgium just three miles from the capital city of Brussels.

A decade before she was born, a law passed in Belgium that made the monarch's first born child heir to the throne, regardless of gender. Thus, when she was born on October 25, 2001, a future queen was born.

It's clear that Elisabeth's parents have been training her to be queen all her life, having frequently stepped out for numerous appearances through the years. However, not much is known about her personal life. Understandably, unlike most kids her age, she's not active on social media.

Her official biography states she is "creative and enjoys drawing and reading" and also loves sports. And like many royals, Elisabeth knows her fair share of languages! The future queen can speak French, English and Dutch.

From an adorable baby to a gorgeous young woman, Princess Elisabeth has truly transformed through the years. Check out the slideshow above for her complete transformation.

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