Failed fast food items that will make your stomach turn

Fast food can be iffy, even on the best of days. But not all foods make it onto the chain's menus for good.

In fact, there are plenty of items that haven't made it through the drive-thru. Here are the top 3 most stomach-turning failed fast food menu items, according to Ranker.

Mcdonald’s and nutrition are not necessarily synonymous.

However, in 1991 they partnered with Michael Jordan in an attempt to make a healthier burger called the McLean Deluxe. The War Eagle Reader reports that they did so by removing the fat and injecting the burger with water and seaweed.

While trying to lure Catholics into local Mickey-D’s during lent, the Smithsonian explains that the chain also once made a vegetarian burger called the Hula burger. In it, Mcdonald’s kept the ketchup, mustard and the bun, but replaced the meat with a piece of grilled pineapple.

But the nastiest-sounding failed fast food menu item? The Huffington Post reports that in the 80’s, Taco Bell decided it wanted a fish-based menu item. Thus entered the Taco Bell seafood salad with crab, whitefish, and shrimp, all mixed together.

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