Queen Elizabeth has a matching umbrella for every single one of her outfits


The Queen of England is expected to carry out her duties rain or shine, sleet or hail -- and you better bet that she's going to look most fashionable while doing so.

And that includes matching umbrellas. It seems the Queen of England coordinates her umbrellas to her outfit, a trend she's been following since at least the past decade. Whatever colorful suit she's donning that day, she has a clear and colored umbrella to match.

So far we've noticed two pinks, purple, seven blues, one yellow and two reds.

The raingear is supplied by the British Brand Fulton Umbrellas, which was awarded the Royal Warrant in 2006.

"The Queen Mother saw our Fulton Birdcage umbrella and thought its unique domed PVC cover would offer better protection, as well as allowing her to remain as visible as possible in even the wettest conditions," explains Fulton on their website.

"The Birdcage soon became her regular umbrella of choice, and this tradition has been passed down to HM The Queen who now uses the Fulton Birdcage both at home and abroad, in a range of beautiful colours to coordinate with her wardrobe."

The umbrella currently retails on Lord & Taylor for $30.00, but only in one color.

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