Ivanka Trump's furry doppelgänger stirs the internet


Last fall, we found President Trump's animal doppelgänger: A red and yellow pheasant, who sports an identical combover to POTUS' do. "Little Red" had gone viral after a Chinese journalist noticed the uncanny resemblance, complete with its blue eyes and blonde feathering.

And now, the internet is stirred by yet another Trump doppelgänger -- one who social media believes bodes quite the similarity to first daughter Ivanka.

Twitter user Francesca shared a photo of a long-haired Saluki, complete with light fur, a jeweled collar and ponytail. She was quick to joke the dog was an influencer, but social media users were even more adamant about how much the pup resembles the first daughter.

Some have also compared the dog to Paris Hilton. We're not sure if we can single out the hair, jewels, nose or profile as the reason for their resemblance. but we have to say, Twitter, you've definitely made your case!

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